***** Ever think of rain as a natural car wash?  Compounds in rain from chemical, fossil fuel, internal combustion, and power plants create what is commonly referred to as "acid rain".  Deposits are left behind on your vehicle, which can damage your vehicles paint and finish!

*****All product used by Bulldog Mobile Detailing are Earth friendly, bio-degradable chemicals on every vehicle!

***** By using Bulldog Mobile Detailing we will never use any harsh detergents and acid presoaks that will strip away wax or sealant protection from your vehicle that are used by automatic car washes. We use nothing but soft cloths that will protect your cars coat and finish!

***** Two of the worst enemies of your vehicles paint and finish are extreme heat and cold.  Hot summers attack using ultra-violet rays.  Cold winters attack using road salt and ice.  Due to our geographic location, we get both.  A properly applied wax or sealant is your vehicles best protection.

***** A good wax or sealant should be applied to your vehicles finish every 3 to 6 months depending on weather conditions.  Vehicles painted red, black, and white require it more often as they are more susceptible to the effects of acid rain and ultra-violet light.

When using our services, you can feel at ease knowing you're dealing with professionals who care about your vehicle.  From our choice of sealant, to a water soluble tire dressing that will not damage your tires, our care is in the details.  

We look forward to serving you soon!!!


Bulldog Mobile Detailing
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